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About Me

Here is a short story about my creative career!

I am a Finnish Swedish Actor and Artist currently located and studying more acting in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Academy of Music and Drama. a lot has happend on my way from my hometown Porvoo in Finland to Gothenburg, and this is a short story of the most important steps in my career.

My acting started long ago playing games and telling stories with my brother, and since I got my first videocamera when i turned 14, I have been filming everything that seemed funny.

My first real acting on stage was playing the great bad guy "Cladwell" In the musical Urinetown. I have always been singing and playing the piano so thats why musicals where my way into the branch. After beeing a part of the great new written youth musical "Playme" on "Svenska Teatern" in Helsinki there was no turning back for me. Thats where I took the step into the musical world, playing musicals as "Grease", "My fair Lady", "Little Women" and "West Side Story", and also some new kids and youth musicals produced by the small but really professional "Polar Illusions" company.

After educating from the film directing studies at Arcada in Helsinki, I wanted to do more acting and musicl acting and thats when I moved to Stokcholm, to study musical at the Ballet Academy. There I met new inspiration in acting having a Workshop in the Chubbuck acting technique with Elisabeth Sevholt and a production directed by the inspiring actor Alexander Karim.

I wanted to know more and get deeper into the skills and tools of acting and thats when i  started to study at the Actors Studio Stockholm, with great inspiration from teachers such as Jeffrey Glickman and Joakim Nätterqvist. 

On the beside of the "scripted" acting I have always been a big fan of improvisation acting and improv Comedy, and the power of making stories in the moment. And I got lucky to be a part when the new Improv theatre Improvisationsstudion in Stockholm was formed by the kreativ and inspirational Martin Geijer. He helped me to form my own Improvised Talkshow "Albert Häggblom SHOW" - about beeing Finnish Sweish in Sweden (Wich is a funny identity in itself), that we performed both in Stockholm and in Finland.

Last Year I also debuted as a scriptwriter with the own comedy play "FuckTinder" in two acts written and acted together with actor Eline Lundeberg.

People also use to ask what I have been working with since I have not always earned a living on only acting in its pure form. And yes, I have been dooing a lot, I have been working as a Photographer and stll am (check out my separate webbsite), as a journalist on different newspapers, I have been working as a live Radio hoast at YLE, I have been working as a programehoast on the Siljaline Cruseships and I have also been working with animtion as Moomin and the Santa Clause which are in fact some of the most inspiring works, belive it or not. And as I see it there is a kind of acting in everything, and everything is a part of the journy towards your goals!

So now Im in Gotheburg to dive into more acting and get a high level acting examination and with that my journy continues, and I hope to meet you on my way through life!


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